2013 Resolution Check-in (1st Quarter)

In the spirit of Throw Back Thursday… I’m checking in on my 2013 resolution set all the way back in December!! You can read the full post here. Essentially I’m trying to stay healthy!

And so far….I’m about the same weight. But…..most people will tell you the scale shouldn’t be your determination for success. But….my clothes all pretty much fit the same. So am I failing?

HECK NO!  I’m not gaining and I’m taking small steps every day to turn things around.

Now there are quite a few people on facebook who are inspiring me to start making more dramatic changes, and I also had a blog post really resonate with me this morning. Check out “The Difference One Year Makes” I am super jealous and would love to make a big change like this.

In January, February, and March I was doing really great at running and getting a variety of workouts in. This month has not been as successful with my knee pain, however I’m not trying to take a deeper look at my eating habits.

At the beginning of the year I started visiting Healthy Connection in Aitkin and eventually started buying product so I can make my own drinks at home. I now usually have a shake every morning. I lost 3 pounds after incorporating their products and the shakes keep much more satisfied than the half a bagel I was having each morning.

I now have started adding a chobani yogurt into my lunchtime habit. In a perfect world I would eat it around 3 pm to hold me over until dinner….but yogurt or just plain dairy never sounds good to me at 3 pm. Instead I have myself eat it before my lunch and have had much more success.

Dinners and evening eating and where I struggle. I want to eat a little less at dinner, but then find myself starving about 9 pm. I need to find a better balance to keep me fuller longer.

If you didn’t set a New Years Resolution….Why not set a goal for the spring/summer? You can still be celebrating some great changes by the time I post a year end recap!





  1. These are great goals. It sounds like you’re doing really good. i wouldn’t beat yourself up over the smaller things, and focus on the great strides you’ve made. I usually eat an early dinner (5-5:30) so I always have a snack at 8 or so. I try and make it healthy(light popcorn, string cheese, yogurt, healthy cereal, or carrots and hummus). That seems to help tie me till morning=)

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