The Dr.’s Report and introducing Fitango!

Patellofemoral SyndromeLadies and Gentlemen we have a diagnosis! (and you can see what clinic I went to I guess). You can read a lovely webmd diagnosis here. I was really expecting to get a referral to see a Physical Therapist.

According to the Doctor I need to do single leg squats 3 sets a day, 3 times a day to strengthen my inner thigh. Right now my outer thigh is basically pulling my kneecap to the side because its stronger. I’ve mainly been doing these squats when waiting in lines at stores, or when I’m waiting for the copier at work. Yesterday I attended the local Couch to 5k workout and am happy to report that I completed 2 miles of the walk/run program with very little pain!! I don’t plan on running again until maybe Saturday/Sunday. And even then it will probably only be a walk.

I’m not sure how the Run for the Lakes Half Marathon will work into this injury, but right now I’m still planning on “running” it. (I have zero expectations for the race, and if I’m in pain I will get off the course.) At this point Grandma’s is still my end goal. And I think I’m still okay to get there.

The good news is I have a back up plan! I was recently contacted by Fitango to try out their Twin Cities Marathon Actionplan!

Here’s a little sneak peak of what the Actionplan helps me with!

Fitango Twin Cities Action PlanIt is broken down into 4 phases, which I will share with you as I complete them! Fitango offers a lot of different Actionplans, and I may have a special deal for you if you want to check them out!

I’m not signed up for the Twin Cities Marathon yet, mainly because I don’t quite have the funds for the race entry. But either way I’d like to maintain my workouts throughout the summer, instead of getting into a post race slump like last year.

*Disclosure I was given a coupon code for the Twin Cities Marathon Actionplan through Fitango, but all opinions are my own.

Do you have any suggestions for coming back from an injury? Have you ever tried a Fitango Actionplan?



    1. Which race? Run for the Lakes is local, so its nice that there’s no extra expenses involved. But I’m so thankful there’s a fall marathon option semi-local (i’ve got friends who live close enough) so that I’ve got another chance to train and run!

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