12 Weeks Until Grandma’s Marathon

“My injury was devastating. But I decided I wouldn’t feed negative thoughts. I was going to surround myself with positive people, imagine the best outcomes, and bathe myself in awesomeness.” -Lauren Fleshman

(a two-time U.S. 5-k champion, after an IT injury forced her to refocus her 2012 Olympic Trial goals. )

Clearly, this woman knows whats she’s talking about. This past week I didn’t workout. I was lazy. And my knee pain is still present.

Yesterday I attended a beginner yoga class (Corepower Level 1) and spoke to the instructor briefly about how frustrated I was feeling. She said “its like having your period, even when its not that time of the month”. And a lightbulb went off. That is exactly what it feels like! I’m feeling all alone, instead of being supportive of other people getting out for runs and walks I’m just jealous. I’m irritable, and just plain not as nice as I should be.

Just before writing this post I bit the bullet and called the local clinic. I was hoping for something next week, but was surprised to find a doctor had a 1 pm opening. Hopefully I will get a better understanding of what is going on, or at least get a referral to a physical therapist. I decided to look back on my other weekly training recaps to find when my knee pain started. And what I didn’t realize is that it started at week 1.5!! I hadn’t realized how long it has been!

If you want to look back on my training, you can look to the right side of your screen, find the “Category” button, and select “Grandma’s Marathon” that way you’ll only see posts relating to Grandma’s Marathon. Otherwise you can just click through all my previous posts, whichever works for you!

Also, if you’re a local who is interested in getting more active, please join the Healthy Connections Aitkin is leading a Couch to 5k group. They meet Monday at 6pm, Wednesday at 4pm, and Friday at 9am. All meetings are optional. It is a FREE program, and is a combination of walking and running (or jogging if you’re injured like me). Click here to find the facebook group. If you have questions, please ask me!

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