13 Weeks Until Grandma’s Marathon?

I haven’t run in a while. I can’t remember when my last no-pain run was, but it was at least 2 weeks ago. This weekend I tried to do my 10 miler. But the moment I woke up I knew it wasn’t happening. I had set my alarm for 6:30 on a Saturday morning and I wasn’t going to simply crawl back into bed. Instead I drove to Lake Harriet and walked around it twice. 6 Miles of walking. It didn’t even hurt. But the minute I tried to run, my knee would scream. So I had plenty to think about those 6 miles, I was slow, admiring runners who were actually running, and even seemed to be enjoying themselves. And I wasn’t. I was going through the motions, wishing the motions were faster. After my “run” I googled the location of the Running Room in Uptown. I was happy to see they opened within a half hour and I was in there before they were actually read to set up for the day. I quickly found a foam roller, discussed KT tape with the 2 sales clerks. One was lucky enough not to never have knee issues, and the other recommended I get the Patella Stabilizer (the bands that you put under your knee). They didn’t have my size, but I plan on picking one up. I also saw that they had the newer version of my old shoes on sale. So I tried them on. And I was able to jog around the store!!! I have no idea why my knee was okay with that. I’m hoping the cold weather is the issue and once it warms up it will make my muscles more receptive. Either way, I’ve got another new pair of shoes. They were a good deal, so I’m not feeling too guilty about it.

Even though I haven’t been running I’m still doing plenty of yoga. I had Sculpt training Friday night 6-10, Saturday Noon-7 and Sunday Noon-7. Today I have training 7-10 but am taking a class before then. I also took my usual Tuesday morning Sculpt class, which has recently changed to a 90 minute class. That puts a small wrench in my plans, as I was a little late to work Tuesday morning (or rather I was on time, but unshowered, which was not a comfortable option).
I also completed a beginner Power class online Tuesday evening. And I must say, yoga is wonderful, but I really respond to the studio and need the heat along with the class to get the full benefits. Simply going through the dvd motions isn’t quite enough for me.

Wednesday (yesterday) I finally got on the foam roller and got it going, there is one spot above my knee that really responded to the motion. It hurt! I didn’t realize how painful foam rolling was. But if that is what it takes to race on June 22, I will do it.

I’m starting to accept the idea that I’ll need to see a doctor of some sort. But I wanted to already do the beginning rehab stuff (not running, foam rolling, etc) so they can’t waste my time with it. I’m starting to wonder if Grandma’s will happen. I have the next two weeks to recover, and then I’m pretty sure I’ll have to make a decision. If anyone has insight on how to get back into training, and how to shorten a marathon training plan due to injury, please share it with me!

Have you ever skipped a race due to injury?


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