14 Weeks Until Grandma’s Marathon 2013..PLUS!

This was not the best week of training. Because training was basically non existent. Monday we had a little snow, and a lot of wind. I ended up working late and didn’t go to yoga. Plus with the wind I didn’t want to navigate the roads at 4:30 Tuesday morning for my Yoga Sculpt workout. So I missed it.

Tuesday I went on a walk with my mom, and ran for a little bit. I didn’t have much pain, but took it easy because I planned on doing 5 miles the next day. I had hoped to go to Zumba that night to get a little sweat going, but the instructor canceled, so naturally my friends and I got a drink instead!

Wednesday I walked to the non-icy road with the wide shoulder and tried to run. I did 3 miles of running/walking, but it was starting to hurt, and my legs felt like lead. I wasn’t pleased, but got 5 miles total with the walking to the good road and back.

Thursday during the day my knee hurt. It was kind of delay from my running I think? And then I had wine club. The only good thing about all this laziness is I’m prepared for the weekend. I’m starting Yoga Sculpt teacher training!!!

I blogged here, about how I was inspired by another Minnesota Blogger, Katrina to get certified and do it because I love it. I’m excited to see where this certification takes me. Because of marathon training I’m not sure when I’ll start teaching classes, but if you’re interested in just trying a workout, or letting me practice with you, please let me know!

I feel like there are constantly changes taking place, and we have to be flexible and I don’t just mean physically. I mean we have to go with the flow and accept that change happens, and it will all work out in the end. And I need to take that mindset and try and incorporate it into this marathon training. My knee is really making me worried, and I can’t ignore it. I need to find that balance of resting for recovery, and not resting for laziness. But I’ve got time. I’ve got to go with the flow and find what will work for me.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear what has worked for you! How do you react to changes? Do you embrace them, or try to ignore them?



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  1. hope your knee feels better! I had knee pain when I was running a lot and it was awful. Not sure if this will work for you, but once I started stretching out my hips more, the knee pain went away– I had no idea they were connected

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