How Do You Do That? Best St. Patricks Day Weekend

This week has been kind of a drag, thankfully it’s already Thursday, so its almost over, but I keep looking back on last weekend and getting a big smile for the memories!

I had the BEST St. Patricks Day Weekend. Prior to the weekend I posted a poll which you can view here. While it got a lot of views, there were only 5 votes, and I am strongly disagreeing with the results. Somehow the deliciousness of Jameson was overlooked.

I started with driving to the cities and having a pre-race dinner at Tavern on France. I didn’t take any pictures, but this was my second time there, and it doesn’t disappoint. (I’ve had the build your own pizza and the buffalo chicken salad, and they are the best!)

Saturday I got up early to race! Find the recap here. Afterwards I ate lunch at The Loop. My table debated getting an appetizer because we were hungry, but instead decided to wait and order an app later in the afternoon. I had a delicious Cubano sandwhich, which had a nice balance of the ingredients. I found the housemade pickles a little bland, but the fries that came with the meal were perfect!

We then decided to venture over to Kierans to get our free race beer. This bar is my favorite before Twins Games. In the summer they have outdoor seating, and a bar you can walk up to, rather than wait for a waitress to find you. (Plus if you want to buy tickets for the game off the street, the scalpers there usually have lots of options). On Saturday they had a large tent set up outside, with a few heaters and a small bar. We were able to go right out there, get a drink, and sit down. After we finished our first round we went inside to check it out. We all had a Big Ginger (yum!) and surveyed the scene, it was crowded, and we were glad we hadn’t tried to eat here, because it would have been a nightmare!

We then strolled over to The Local, where we had the best Irish Cream Coffee ever! Seriously, this is the description on the menu “Our nationally recognized cold weather classic made with 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey, Guinness syrup & whipped cream you won’t find anywhere else.” It was delightful. Originally we were going to order a Coffee and Baileys, but I am so glad the waitress steered us this direction! We also tried the Rueben Wontons, which were fine, but I think could be better made at home.

After the Local we decided it was time to see what St. Paul could offer. There were free bus rides on Saturday night provided by Miller Lite and so we took the ride across the river. We headed to McGoverns because we heard a friend was there. Although we quickly realized there was going to be no finding her in the crowd. We didn’t even bother trying to get into the bar and instead went to the tent outside. It was packed like a frat party, sounds, smells, and dirty floors included. But that didn’t stop us from having a good time! It was great to just dance around and be silly. The only bad thing about it, was the DJ was preferring hip hop songs, which are fine, but on St. Patricks Day Weekend it would have been nice for a few Irish songs. We eventually crossed the street and checked out Cosettas tent, which was more subdued, the DJ was playing songs across a lot of different genres, but he was mixing them so quickly it was hard get into it before the next song came on.

We finally surrendered and used the app Uber to get a ride home. This was my first time experiencing the app, and I loved it! Getting a ride home has never been easier!

We covered a lot of ground in our 14 hours out and about on St. Patrick’s Day (Saturday). But the key to it was: flexibility and patience. The bars are going to be packed, it is going to be hard to get a table, but if you just take your time and relax, it will all work out!



    1. I have to say, even the food in the Minneapolis airport is pretty good! When I do flights that are during meal times I pick up the best sandwich at French Meadow Bakery. If you are able to get to Tavern on France, do the Build Your Own Pizza, but do their garlic sauce instead of tomato sauce. It makes the pizza. And fly safe!! Are you going anywhere fun?

      1. Oh my gosh, I was so caught up I forgot to reply to this! We didn’t make it to taverrn on france (long story) but we did go somewhere fun! My mom, sister and I all went on a cruise, it was delightful! I am hoping to get to tavern on france this summer!

      2. A cruise? I’m jealous! Hopefully you didn’t have any issues on your trip! There’s so many good places around (and in) in airport I understand not making it, when you do, prepare to wait, or call ahead and make a reservation!

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