15 Weeks Until Grandma’s Marathon

Raise your hand if you’re sick of snow!!

Every training plan I’ve read emphasizes the importance of long runs. If you’re going to miss a run, the weekday runs are the first to go. The long runs should be treated like a race. I’m not quite bored of my neighborhood running route yet, but I’ve been yearning for Duluth’s Lakewalk and decided last Saturday would be a perfect day to get a run in. But Mother Nature had other plans. I watched the weather reports and by Thursday the prediction for the weekend was 80% chance of snow on Saturday, and 20% chance on Sunday. I decided that I’d go to Duluth on Saturday no matter what. I haven’t been there by myself since I moved and there were plenty of things I could do even if I couldn’t get a run in.

I woke up and was on the road by 7:30. I went to the Duluth Running Company and went through a very thorough assessment to find the best shoe for me. I probably tried on 10 different shoes, and ran on the treadmill which was set up with a video camera so they could watch my gait and see how each shoe affected my running. I was also able to talk to the sales girl (Andrea rocked!) about my knee and she gave me a strengthening exercise similar to single leg squats that I’m trying to do each day. (So far its not working, and I’m about ready to go to a doctor).

The entire assessment took long enough that by the time I was done, the snow decided to take a brief reprieve. Of course when you’re in a running store, the sales people are going to point out that this is the perfect opportunity to try out your new shoes! So with a little trepidation, I set out with a buddy and gave it all I had! Our training plan was scheduled for 9 miles, and the sales person said “Go to Super America and back and you’ll be good” and he was right! Clearly that man knows what he’s talking about! I’m not sure what time my knee pain started, but the way back was much slower going, I kept trying to jog but then would have to go back to walking. It felt good knowing I was getting the mileage in, and the trail was packed with snow, so I’m not going to obsess over my time, although its definitely a time to beat! (I apologized to my training buddy many times during the slow run back, but thank you again for putting up with me!)

After our run we were ready for some food! And that was when I finally got to try Canal Park Brewery, which I blogged about here.

So far this week I’ve taken three yoga classes, and yesterday I went on a walk with my mom (it was a test for my knee which was a failure) two miles in I was starting to notice my knee more. I’m thinking I’ll go to zumba tonight, and then Saturday is the Get Lucky 7k! This hasn’t been the best week for training, but I’m thankful we’re still 3 months out so I have plenty of time to recover before the dreaded 20 milers of May have to happen.


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