16 Weeks Until Grandma’s Marathon!

Confession: I skipped 2 runs this week. Just didn’t do them. It snowed on Monday and Tuesday and I wanted no part of the road. Or the treadmill. I decided to take on the mentality of a local Iron(wo)man (i hope its okay I’m linking your blog Michelle) and once the day is done, its done, there’s no point in making up the missed run.

Which is why after missing a workout on Monday, I knew I didn’t want to run on Tuesday so I went to Zumba. Wednesday I drove over to yoga, and yesterday (Thursday) I finally got my run in! Since the snow is still covering the road I decided to walk the .8 mile to the county road I live off of. The payment is good, and the is a clear path on the side of the road so if traffic gets heavy I don’t have to lose all my speed. On this road I can go to the left for a short out to the major highway and back run, or I can go to the right and deal with hills and curves in the road but the distance is unlimited. For long runs I go to the right, it keeps things interesting. But for short runs its usually a toss up.

Yesterday I did something different, I walked the .8 miles, then went to the left and looped the short out and back course 3 times. And then walked the .8 mile back home. It was a 4 mile total workout, but the middle 2.4 miles were much speedier. It was a great workout that I plan on repeating in the future. The walking helps me push myself more during the loops, and I know I need to add some speed work to my routine, because 4 runs a week of varying lengths, but the same 13 min/mile pace is not doing me any good!

Tonight I’ll go to the Friday night Loser’s club, aka 90 Minute Yoga Sculpt, and then Saturday I’m hoping the weather will be clear enough for me to go to Duluth, buy new running shoes, and get a long run on Lakewalk! As long as the weather continues to coroporate I’ll drive to the Twin Cities for a FREE YOGA event at Mall of America. You can read more about it on Lululemon’s Facebook page!

My knee is still bothering me, but the better I stretch and ice post run, the easier recovery is.

Do you have any fun workouts planned for the weekend? I’m really intrigued by this mallasana, but I’m glad its at MOA, so I can just leave if I’m not feeling it!

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