Find Your Love

Hello Friend! Click here for my Valentines Day post from last year. While I’ve come full circle from last years post, I have zero regrets on any changes that have occurred in the last year. I am constantly realizing how lucky I am to have great friends. We may experience our rough patches, but things get better. And its good to share your concerns with people, because it makes the good times so much better for everyone.

While crafting this weekend my friends and I were discussing changes we have in our lives. Things that we’re worried about, things we’re excited about and also how we are really tired at the end of a long week (you know, real stuff). The conversation then cycled to those people who always seem to be out, about, and happening. You know those people. They are your friends on facebook, your followers on twitter and instagram and they clog your newsfeed with so many fabulous things you aren’t sure how they get it all done in a day, and even when they look tired, its fabulously tired.

While I want to hate on those people, I can’t. I think its important to let people do their thing. I want that freedom and acceptance, which means I need to give that to others. (even if it drives me a little nuts). Who knows? Maybe I’m that person to some people. (although I hope not).

There’s a theme that keeps repeating itself in my mind. A few weeks ago it was “You do You”. Today the theme is “Find Your Love.” Take the time today to do to one thing you LOVE. Because those moments when you’re doing what you love, are what keep you going. Its the food group no one talks about. Soul food baby.

Oh, and if you read last year’s post? This year I bought myself two fancy candy bars at Whole Foods, I’ll share my thoughts on them as soon as I’ve tasted them!!


  1. I think social media – Twitter, FB – makes is easy to feel like your life is less-than, because there’s always going to be someone out there who’s being more active or doing more interesting things. Or maybe they’re all lying. 🙂

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