Girls Weekend: Pinterest Party!

Are you guilty of pinning projects and never doing them?? Read on to discover how to finally get some of them done!

After running a 5k on Saturday (recap here). I grabbed a quick bite at Whole Foods (plus a walk around the store picking up some goodies!) Then I was headed to my girlfriend’s house for a girls weekend!

I am one of those people who still has friends from High School, when we’re all together there are six of us, however with different schedules we aren’t all able to get together very often. We had a great trip to Stillwater in November. And I was able to see them all over the holidays at our hometown coffee shop The Beanery. However sleeping over is just so much more fun! Thankfully one of my friends is married and has a house so we don’t have to sleep on the floor and/or pay for hotels whenever we want a slumber party.

Even though we’ve been together forever we still try to find new things to do together. With two of the girls engaged we have plenty to talk about, so going to a movie is always a back-up plan, but never the whole plan. This time I came up with a new idea…Pinterest Party!!

I rounded up a few of my favorite pins and then headed to 2 stores. #1 Dollar Tree. Where everything really is a dollar. I was able to find most of my supplies here (frames, double stick tape, erasable markers, valentines stickers, alphabet stickers, and coffee mugs).

Dollar Store Pinterest Party Supplies

#2 Joann Fabrics (although Michaels or any other craft store would have worked). I went a little more wild and sporadic at Joann’s because I knew there were things I would use in my own life if they weren’t used this weekend. I picked up: embroidery floss, modge podge, a book of scrapbook paper, and a page slicer (which I had wanted for myself for a long time).

I already had on hand…sharpie markers and scissors, I wish I had bought some regular elmers glue, but that will have to be another Pinterest Party day! Here’s the entire collection.

Pinterest Party Before

We arrived at the house and after some initial chatting got out our computers. We met at 12:30 and hadn’t eaten much so we knew we wanted a snack, dinner, and a dessert. We made a million suggestions before deciding on Crockpot Spinach Artichoke Dip, Spicy Avocado Enchelidas, and Campfire Cookies. Plus some cheese and crackers, and hummus (check out Minnesota made Holy Land hummus, we had the Guacamole flavor and it was awesome!!) and veggies.

We went to the grocery store to get all our ingredients, and also stopped by the liquor store which happened to be having a wine tasting (stay away from Adam Carolla’s Mangria…it was nasty!). We did find a great white wine and a really good red. (I forgot to take pictures of them and now can’t remember the names).

We started with the “Frame as a White Board” pin.

Frame as a Whiteboard (mine)Here’s mine! (Believe there is good in the world) ((with “be the good” written in silver)

Pinterest Party Table After

See the big letters? My friend who hosted the event came up with that. The other girls in attendance did last names, but I decided to go with my first name initial instead. Sewing on the buttons were a lot of work, but it turned out, now I just need to figure out a place in my room to hang it! We used plain white canvas and painted it, move onto the other crafts (it took multiple coats). Then we sewed the ribbon on, and then the buttons. A few of the girls used embroidery floss to make the color pop! I used white thread to keep the buttons as the focal point.

We took the coffee mugs bought at the dollar store and decorated them with sharpie markers, and then baked them at 350 for 30 minutes to make the marker more permanent. Mine didn’t quite turn out, so there aren’t photos, but the two girls used the coffee mugs as Valentines presents for their fiances. Theirs turned out beautiful and I forgot to get a picture of them.

Here’s the food we made! I don’t have a pin or a picture for the Spinach Artichoke dip, but there are so many out there that I don’t think it was out of the norm.

Dinner was Spicy Avocado Chicken Enchiladas.

Pinterest DinnerThis is our version, we kind of forgot to put the avocados inside the enchiladas, so we improvised and added them to the top, not pretty…but delicious!

Dessert was Campfire Cookies.

Pinterest Dessert

These easily stole the show as best cookie ever!! The marshmallows were wonderful, and putting in all on a graham cracker was genius.

I think we all agree that this was a wonderful way to spend time together, and we just might have more pinterest party days planned for the future!

What pins do you want to finally try? Have you had any pinterest fails?

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