Anticipating…the best part?

I think over half the fun in life is waiting for the good stuff.

Here me out, while planning for a vacation you’re thinking about getting ready: what to pack, what to do, what to eat. And while it may be stressful setting everything up, you know that eventually you’ll be there, away from the daily grind and come back fresh.

Its the same with dating (and even more so) you’re excited for a date you think about what to wear, maybe what you will do or say, and then the date actually comes (and hopefully it goes as well as you hoped).

Even when things are stressful during planning I think its important to remember that whatever issues you have, by resolving them right away you’ll be done with it and the issue won’t continue to haunt you.

Hopefully if I focus on “anticipating being the best part” it will help me with marathon training. I have 15 days until my training plan starts, so for now I’m trying to eat healthy, get enough sleep, and get my workouts in. Once February 1 hits it will get REAL.

But for now I get to dream about tough long runs with the new mileage highs that come along with them. And figuring out how to squeeze in a run in the morning so I can make plans for the evening.

I’m still trying to figure out a March/April getaway somewhere warm (where I can get a couple good runs in ) so if you’ve heard of a good travel deal, please let me know!

Do you like the anticipation? Or do you not care about the details and just want to get to the good stuff right away?

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