Surfing in the Winter

Last Saturday I went surfing. (And I wasn’t on vacation) And I’m not skilled or ballsy enough to go surfing Lake Superior. Instead I was in The GYM at Minnesota Hockey Camps in Nisswa, MN.


They recently started a class called Surfset, which takes the movements of surfing and puts into a workout class complete with mini surfboard!

My class was taught by Joleen who is tough enough to make you want to work harder, but also fun and played Lady Gaga music throughout the class.

Surfset SurfboardsWe started by learning the balance basics, just standing on the board different ways and seeing how our weight affected the board. After our warmup we started doing what I considered “stereotypical surfing” laying on the board, moving in the plank position and then popping up into standing position (this basically feels like doing burpees on a ground that keeps moving).

We eventually moved on to using the resistance bands that clip onto the board, (the green things in both pictures). With these we were able to do bicep curls and other upper-body work without having to do anymore pushups on the board!

I will admit to falling off the board, it was during a starfish (which is basically a full body sit up, I was laughing so hard I completely lost my balance. But I was graceful about it (I think) and wasn’t hurt. The boards are maybe 18 inches off the ground, so its not that long of a fall (and really mine was more of a roll).

This was one of the few classes I’ve taken where I could see a clock in the room, which I wasn’t a fan of. I would rather not know what time it is because then I start to make excuses and tend to slack off. For my next class will probably find a board that doesn’t have a view of the time.

The day after I felt most of my soreness in my obliques, which really made me happy! My upperbody was struggling throughout the class, but the soreness in my obliques reminded me that while I didn’t think we were actively doing moves for the core, I was getting a great core workout without doing 1,000,000 crunches!

You can sign up for a class by clicking here. I recommend registering as unpaid for your first class. Classes are usually $15, or a day pass to the gym is also $15 (and I like to take 2 classes to make my drive time worth while), they also have a deal where you can buy a 6 class pass for $50, which saves you $25! If you enjoy herbalife shakes, you can also order drinks which I like to enjoy on the drive home.

One last thing: you are barefoot during the class, and I would recommend tight fitting clothing, I wouldn’t want a loose t-shirt during the pushups on the board, but that is a personal preference. Also, they do not provide towels, so if you like to wipe yourself down make sure to bring your own!

*Disclosure: Pictures are my own that I snapped before class, and I was not compensated for this post.



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