The Zombies are Coming!

Or are they? Yesterday I had to text a friend and ask exactly what happens if the zombies do arrive. Apparently if they bite you and you get away you turn into a zombie, but they also might just eat you. And apparently it’s your brain that they really want…. (Can you tell I haven’t watched a zombie movie yet?) I’m most definitely Team Twilight!

Today is not only the supposed end of the world, but also the first day of winter, and with the -1 degrees that my car showed, apparently its true! Tonight I don’t have a crazy end of the world party, but instead a progressive dinner with some close friends. I’m looking forward to seeing all of them as the last time we were all together was one of their weddings!

Tomorrow I’m off to the Twin Cities for the Jumpin’ Jack Frost 5k. I originally planned on running with various friends, but schedules get busy and now it looks like I’ll be running solo, so if you’re in the twin cities and want to take a little run, get more details here! (or just text me) Saturday is officially 6 months until Grandma’s Marathon which is the real reason I’m still completing the race alone. I figure its a good way to get into spirit and start preparing my body for the 26.2 that is coming.

And then its Christmas!! The time sure does fly. I’ll be wrapping up my Dirty Dozen 2012 New Years Resolutions next week, and then sharing my plans for 2013!

Do you have plans for the zombie apocalypse?

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