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In a season that should be spent with the ones we love, Friday was a harsh reminder of what really counts. There are plenty of bloggers putting their emotions out there, however I don’t want to be part of the chatter at this moment. Instead I’ll share a few places I enjoyed with loved ones over the weekend.

If your loved ones are over the age of 21 I highly recommend the Fulton Brewery Taproom.

Fulton Brewery


Not my photo, click here for the original article.

  I arrived with two girlfriends at 7 pm and found people gathering after work, by the time we left at 9 it was clearly becoming a date night spot. However the entire time the room was brightly lit and very comfortable. You’re able to get a view of the brewery process while enjoying the beer brewed on location. In addition there is a different food truck parked outside, or….you can do what we did which is order Pizza Luce and have it delivered! There is nothing better than pizza and beer, learn more here!

On Saturday I had a wonderful movie experience. 3 females went to a movie, got a large diet coke, and a medium popcorn all while only spending $12 TOTAL! If you’re looking to enjoy a movie I highly recommend River View Theater. (The tickets are $2 prior to 6 pm, and raise to $3 after 6 pm.)

Riverview TheaterThis is not my photo, to see the original click and learn more about the theater, click here. We saw Pitch Perfect which was a perfect girl movie! I’m going to go into a full movie review, but it does go on sale Tuesday and there’s a good chance I will purchase it.

After the movie we walked across the street to the Riverview Wine Bar. I have friends who love to share (and so do I) so we each purchased a flight from a different country, had a sip of each and then drank our own. I chose Chile, because I recognized the 2 whites but wanted to try and find a good red. The other 2 flights chosen were Germany (easily delicious Rieslings are so yummy!) and Italy. Which was heavy on the reds, so I enjoyed a sip from my friend’s flight, but was glad it wasn’t mine. If you’re looking for a date night place this is a wonderful option! Especially because they also have a beer list 😉

I’m bummed I didn’t pull out my camera to take my own pictures this weekend but I was having a good time enjoying the company of friends. Now I’m relaxing at home watching my favorite dance movies (Save the Last Dance and Step Up) which were both on tv! And later I’ve got a yoga class to get to, there’s only one week left of the Holiday Challenge and it looks like I’ll be completing the goal!!!

Thank you to my dear friends I was able to spend time with this weekend. I love you so much!

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