I made it, I ate it: “Low Fat” Eggplant Parmesan

*Full Discloser: I made this meal on a week night in July. Don’t do that. Make it now while its cold outside, pair it with noodles and wine and just relax. Or pair it with noodles and beer and football. Whatever makes you happy!

To see the orginial recipe, click here! I tend to cook on a whim, which means I may have gotten inspiration from a grocery store visit, but I don’t always have a recipe before I start cooking. I usually start with google.com, ehow.com, foodnetwork.com, and then I go to sparkrecipes.com.

Cut and Dried EggplantStart by cutting the egg plant, sprinkling salt on the rounds, covering with paper towel and place a few heavy books on top to get the water out.

Egg Bath and BreadCrumbs

Then dip the eggplant pieces into an egg bath, followed by the breadcrumbs. (This is where it gets messy) Do not try to answer your phone, text, or do anything other than dip, dip, lay on the baking sheet.

Eggplant Parmesan

Top rounds with tomato sauce and then cheese. If you’re making this recipe for yourself I recommend using a few different types of cheese so you get different flavors and don’t get too bored with the meal.

Baking Eggplant Parmesan

And then enjoy! This for me was enough for a meal (with lots of leftovers). But if I were making this meal for others I would include pasta and a veggie as well as a salad to start.

IMG_1243(You can really tell that I used different cheeses in this picture)

When I first made this meal I thought it was very time consuming, in one draft of this post I mention it taking 2 hours…but now that I’ve set it up on the blog I realize I must have been really slow or doing a lot of other things at the time. I’m ready to try this meal again! I would love to someday make a full scale restaurant version, including my own tomato sauce…but that probably will never happen. So for now I’ll just enjoy what I can!


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