November 2012 Recap

Woah!! I only have one month left! (and this recap is a little late). I’m not sure if I will actually get all of these completed, but there’s still a chance….

#1 (Run a half marathon) Done!!! I completed the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon with a time of 2:33:47! You can read my recap here. (and I have signed up for a half in April of 2013!)

#2 (Learn 12 new recipes) I’ve been pretty good with this! Although the last few weeks I haven’t been doing much.

#3 (Put my college pictures into photo albums) I need to go through and see what hasn’t been printed yet….and find a place to print them!

#4 (Create a race scrapbook) Umm…..This still hasn’t been completed.

#5 (Make 12 time or money donations to various charities and/or nonprofits.) Ouch, I haven’t been so good on this front however I’m sure there will be opportunities during “the Season of Giving”

#6 (Learn to blog!) In November I missed my 1 year “blogiversary” and I am bummed, but lately have been questioning what my goals are for this blog.

#7 (Finish the New Rules of Lifting For Women program.) I need to join Snap Fitness again, but I’m waiting until the snow actually sticks to the ground and its not safe to run anymore. (Although if anyone has tips for outdoor running please pass them along!)

#8 (Remember to be Thankful.) Of course November included Thanksgiving, I was able to spend 2 days with some great college friends and it was so wonderful to see them! Plus talk about future visits!

#9 (Get a better handle on finances.) I actually have a meeting with a financial guy in 2 weeks, it will be interesting to see what he has to say.

#10 (Get least 10 minutes of fitness each day.) The Yoga Holiday Challenge is still going, and now I’m trying to get 2 runs or walks in a week, this may change once there is snow that sticks to the ground.

#11 (Do 5 minutes of clean up each day.) Last night I made an effort to clean up my room a little, and I need to organize my craft stuff so I’m able to actually use it and not just search for it.

#12 (Take the time to breathe.) This weekend I was a couch potato for more than I care to admit. Its one thing to take time to breathe, and its another to watch corny christmas movies all day. I think I need to find a new hobby that I can easily do for a few minutes a day without making a crazy mess (read: not scrapbooking).

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