Get Outta Here! (Getaway Recommendation)

I just had a great girls weekend. It really all started with Thursday night and seeing the last Twilight movie! (Thank you Rialto Theater in Aitkin for having a 10 pm showing!) If you’re a fan of the series I’m assuming you will see the movie no matter what I say. If you’re a fan who hasn’t finished the 4th book (and I know there are people out there..) I suggest you see the movie in theaters even without finishing the book. There is a twist in the movie that the book doesn’t have, but I really enjoyed it!

Friday I powered through the last day of the work week before heading down to the twin cities. I finally got to see some of my girlfriends apartments and then we went to dinner at Doolittles in Golden Valley. If you’re in the West-End area and don’t want to wait a ridiculous time to eat dinner I really recommend Doolittles. The food (and wine) were great and we waited about 10 minutes for a table!

On Saturday we traveled to Stillwater, upon arriving in Downtown realized that there wasn’t good place for a quick easy lunch. Plenty of sit down restaurants but we wanted something light. (We ultimately drove back up the hill and grabbed bagel sandwiches from Bruggers.)

At 1p.m. we arrived at the St. Croix Winery and went on their free tour! Our guide was the son of one of the owners and had lots of personal experience, he answered any questions and kept things light and interesting.

After the tour we went inside and purchased a $5 tasting ticket. We were able to get try samples of 5 different wines (I loved the Summer Red and will be purchasing that for next summer) and we were lucky enough to have it also be the 3 Rivers Wine Trail Cheese and Chocolate event. Which meant that with the $5 we already paid we had pairing of cheese or chocolate depending on the wine.

Since it was such a beautiful day (and this week is rumored to be some of the last good fall weather we enjoyed the afternoon walking downtown and doing some window shopping. Most of us waited to make purchases at the Stillwater Olive Oil Company. Stillwater is quite a foodie destination, and the Stillwater Olive Oil Company is a great place to stop once you’re a little worn out of looking at the abundant boutiques.

This is the wall of different Balsamic Vinegars, the other side of the store is all the different Olive Oils they have and the middle of the store features differently speciality oils. I ended up purchasing a Fig Balsamic and a White Truffle Oil. I’m thinking I’ll use them in a dish with Brussels Sprouts. (and I just found that they have their own blog, so if you need some inspiration look here).

We finished our evening at Nacho Mama’s which if you can’t guess is Mexican food. I had a delicious quesadilla (but it wasn’t so picturesque). We ended our night being silly and relaxing in the hotel room. It was a perfect Girls Weekend and now I am struggling through the work week until I can relax and be thankful with my family.

Did I miss anything fun in Stillwater? Do you have a local foodie destination in your area?


  1. Sounds like you had fun! Next time you are in Stillwater make sure to check out Revé 324 right no Main Street across from Nacho Mamas. They just came out with a new menu and it is great!

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