Missing Yoga and Eggs (I made it, I ate it, BLT quiona pie?)

(On Wednesday I got to yoga late and spent the free time blogging from my phone, however I don’t have phone blogging perfected quite yet).

Since I have a little extra time I thought I would fill you in on the importance of reading through a recipe while cooking.

This weekend I went on a cooking spree and had some delicious results! Getting to delicious was a bit of a struggle through.

I started with Iowa Girl Eats’ Mini BLT Quinoa Bites. Finding quinoa at our local cub was a bit of a challenge (hint: its in the tiny healthy foods area). Once I got home I started by rinsing them, (if anyone has found a strainer that is small enough to accommodate the small seeds of quinoa please let me know!)

Then I put them in a pot with the equivalent water as the chicken broth in the recipe as well as a chicken bullion cube. (I didn’t have chicken broth in the pantry). I let the quinoa do its thing on medium heat stirring every now and then until the water was gone.


(Not the best picture but this is what the quinoa will look like)

Every recipe is better with bacon, but I want to take a quick moment to suggest baking the bacon in the oven! I always do this as I don’t like cleaning up the mess of grease splattering. According to my mother the grease did splatter in the oven, but its still less messy.

I chopped 2 roma tomatoes and then green onion i added them and the cheese to a large mixing bowl. When the bacon and quinoa was done I added them as well. I waited as long as I could but the spinach never defrosted.

I forgot to take a picture of mixing everything but make sure everything is spread out and then put in a muffin tin. After baking for about 15 minutes my mom asked if there was olive oil in it, I responded “nope just bacon and cheese for deliciousness!” And then realized she was asking because something would be needed to hold the mixture together…like the eggs the recipe called for that I never added!

I pulled the muffin tin out of the oven because everything was warm but still a loose mixture. I decided to take a risk and put the eggs in a pie plate giving them a quick scramble. Then i poured the quinoa BLT mixture in the pie plate stirred to combine with the eggs and put it back in the oven for another 15 minutes.

I got lucky because the mistake worked out! I cut the pie into pieces and froze them. Wednesday I took out two pieces and brought them to work for my lunch. It was so delicious! Thank you Kristin for a great recipe! In the middle I thought I butchered it, but it all worked out!



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