How You Doin’?

I just did a little review of my recent posts, feel free to “like” Katie Looking Forward on Facebook. And realized it was time for an update on how living at home is going now that it has been 2 months!

I wrote in my moving home post “There will still be challenges, finding the balance of work/family/friends(highschool/college/significantother).” And I was right! There are challenges. So far work is going alright, (I tend to be alone in the office a lot which makes it hard to concentrate). It probably wouldn’t hurt for me to take an accounting class as a little review, but so far so good.

My family and I are getting along really good. I’m waiting for the day that we have a blow up, but for now we all respect each other during work and compromise so we can all do our different activities. It will be nice to have a few days over thanksgiving to relax without having work be the what we talk about 99% of the time.

As for friends I haven’t done as much fun stuff as I would hope. By the time I work, drive to my workout and eat dinner I’m ready for bed! However I do have plans for the next couple weeks, and am considering having a get together at some point over the holidays so that I can better reconnect with people. Also, if any invitation comes my way I do my best to attend, so if you’re bored feel free to contact me!

I wish I had more weekends so I could spend more time in the cities with my college friends, but so far that hasn’t happened as much as I would like.

I am most happy with how often I am working out! I’m in week 1 of a 6 week holiday challenge at Lakes Fit Yoga. You can learn more about it here. This week I also ran my first 5k, it was just around my neighborhood one afternoon. I reset my garmin prior to starting and set the “virtual training partner” pace at 15 minute miles. Yes I realize that is basically walking, however I wanted a goal that I could work to achieve and not my racing goal which I haven’t been at since JUNE! I’m happy to report that I did better than the 15 minute miles (though not by much) I walked a song, ran a song, and was happy to keep it up on the couple of monster hills in my neighborhood.

Tonight I’ve got a date night at my favorite Brainerd restaurant (Prairie Bay for locals that are curious). And then tomorrow I plan on going to yoga and stocking up on groceries. I am very bored with sandwiches for lunch, so I want to do some extra cooking this weekend to freeze and grab during the busy weeks.

Do you pack a lunch? What is your favorite meal to pack?






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