Pumpkin Carving 101

Last year I remember reading blog after blog about pumpkins. This was before I had started blogging and I remember trying to make  a pumpkin smoothie with disasterous results.

This year I decided it was time to see what else I could do. Yesterday I tried my hand at pumpkin carving. I decided to go with a my family’s last name (okay just the first letter).

To start I gathered the supplies necessary (newspaper, pencil, knife, bowl for seeds, bag for guts, and a pumpkin!)

I also should have included a paper towel…but I made it work.

I put off the top, and was very careful not to pull out the stem without the actual pumpkin attached (the stem felt loose and I was nervous).

You can already see what the inside of the pumpkin looks like. I chose to pull a handful of pumpkin guts with one hand, and remove the seeds with another. This is the moment when I realized I should have grabbed a paper towel or two.

After removing all the guts it was time to draw my “design”.

A “C” wasn’t that difficult to trace. Then it was time to cut. I used one larger knife through the whole process. If I had been doing a more intricate design I would have needed a smaller knife to maneuver the tight spots.


Once I had fully traced out the “C” I needed to continue to wiggle the knife to create enough room to get the outline free.

Ta-da! This was not a difficult project, but considering I had never carved a pumpkin on my own, I’m proud of my results. Next year I’ll attempt something that requires a little more skill.

Do you have a favorite style of pumpkin carving?



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