100th Post!

I’m not quite to my Blogiversary…but I have to make a short special post in honor of this being my 100th post!

I want to take a quick moment to thank everyone who has read these random posts and my attempts at branching out and trying new things!

While I love receiving feedback from people in person and via facebook I would love if you would also take the time to subscribe to this blog. I promise you won’t get spammed, rather you’ll get an email that lets you know when I post something new!

Also, feel free to comment on any post, its okay if you disagree with what I think/say/feel/do. I am open to feedback and would love to get insights on what people think.

I’ve got a few #fallflavor posts coming up so if you’re a fan of pumpkin make sure to check back soon!

Thank you again and here’s to another 100!

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