Does this make me a super fan?

You may not care…but Taylor Swifts’ new album Red came out today!

I was a college freshman when she first became popular and her album was always played when we pre-gamed studied. That summer I was able to go to see her in concert at the Minnesota State Fair!


Thank goodness for the zoom action on cameras, the concert was a blast, but I was sitting in the very last row!

The next summer I was able to see her perform at Wefest, she was still an afternoon performer at that point, and the general admission ticket I was rocking meant I got a great view of the screen.


When her album Fearless came out my girlfriends and I were so excited we drove to Walmart at midnight to get her album. (We were in college and clearly had extra time on our hands, I also went to Walmart for a Britney Spears’ midnight release that year).

When Speak Now came out in the Fall of 2010 I was experiencing my first fall out of college, it happened that I was flying to a job interview, but managed to stop at Target prior to my flight so I could get a listen right away!

This year I’m living at home and going through another life change, and I am so excited to see what Taylor is singing about and how I will connect with the album. But I am sad that I’m not at college or close to my girlfriends to listen together and guess which songs are about which former boyfriends!

Do you have an artist who you have followed throughout their career? Who do you think “We are never ever getting back together” is about?





  1. Justin Timberlake! Totally. I flew cross country to see him perform in Vegas in 2009. I actually went for a blog conference, but really it was because I knew JT was gonna be in town. And, incidentally, I saw Taylor perform at that concert too. That was when I started loving her too!

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