How Do You Do That? Lakes Fit Yoga

If you don’t finish, have you failed?

I completed week 3 of Ripped in 30 and never wrote a recap. The short version is: its tough, even the beginner moves I’m not quite ready for. I enjoy the sweat, but sometimes jumping around my living room isn’t the most fun. After attending Yoga Sculpt at Lakes Fit Yoga on Saturday which I briefly recapped here I realized it might be best for me to be in a group setting.

Given that my first visit to Lakes Fit Yoga was on a Saturday morning, everyone was rushed to get going and sweating. The instructor mentioned she probably shouldn’t do the routine she had planned if there was a beginner in the room. I assured her I had attended a similar class at Corepower Yoga in Edina and she should feel free to lead the class as intended.

I was happy to find that the class was very similar, I was pushed to my limits, the music was upbeat and I ended the class in a final shavasana (yoga pose) very sweaty, happy, and relaxed. If you’re looking for an intense workout this is the place for you!!

If you’re a beginner though, this can also be the place for you!!!

I went home and registered for “Beginner Hot Power” class and was bummed on Tuesday afternoon when I got a text message explaining the class was being switched to a Beginner Yoga Sculpt. I decided to attend anyways as it would probably be good to review the basics. (I am by no means an expert).

My tips for attending yoga for the first time:

Wear: Bottom: Leggings! Shorts may be too breezy for some moves (if you can my drift) and pants can be too dang hot! Top: short sleeve or tank top is just fine, if you have dri-fit or any lighter material tees or tanks I would go with those. (tip: I usually change into a different shirt after the workout)

Bring: Water!! (a bring a big bottle, you will need it!) I also bring my own yoga mat, but I believe they have some available for use, I would call ahead to double check!

They provide: towels! At Corepower we had to bring our own, or they were available for a fee, it is so great to have these provided!

If you go through the yoga section of Target you will find a lot of different accessories for yoga such as blocks, straps, different kinds of mats. I would recommend not buying these until you have experienced a yoga class and know what you need. As with any hobby, there are lots of things you CAN buy, but you don’t always NEED to buy. Which reminds me…

Price: Lakes Fit Yoga offers two different options for first time students. There is the 3 classes for $15 or 1 month unlimited for $45.

The price of one regular class is $14, the price for unlimited is $119.

If you have never attended yoga before I would suggest the 3 for $15 option as it is the cheaper option, and doesn’t seem to have a time constraint.

If you have attended yoga before know you’re schedule allows for attending a multiple classes a week, I would go with the $45 for unlimited. Basically, after attending three classes the rest of the month is free!

For now I’m enjoying the new student rate of $45, when my month is up I will probably buy a package, they offer a lot so feel free to check out the link!




  1. Sounds like a challenging yet fun workout. Prices seem very reasonable too.I definitely will take a closer look at attending the 3 class option.

    1. Dori, are you from the Lakes Area? I now teach at a different studio in Aitkin (Karmady Yoga and Fitness) I’m not sure if Lakes Fit still has the same deal, as this post is from last year, but they might!

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