First Snow, First Sweat

If you didn’t already know….Welcome to Minnesota where snow comes before anyone is ready!


Brr! Thankfully in the Brainerd area it was only a dusting.

All week my neck and back were bothering me. I took a break from the Ripped in 30 workouts because I just wasn’t feeling good enough. I would turn them on and then sit on the floor.

I put a message out on facebook asking for a good place for a message somewhere between Aitkin and Brainerd but wasn’t ready to book an appointment. Instead I decided to try out Lakes Fit Yoga.

I took a quick look at their schedule,  decided Yoga Sculpt was a good place to start and it was! I had previously attended Corepower Yoga and since they had a class by the same name I was excited to see if they would heat up the room, pump up the music and make me sweat, and it was all delivered!

I am not in as good of shape as I used to be, and I would not recommend the class to beginners, but if you’re looking for a great workout this is the place!


Proof of the first sweat! Lakes Fit Yoga has 2 different options for new students, you can do 3 classes for $15 or 1 month of unlimited classes for $45. I chose to do the $45 with the plan of going as much as possible! So if you live in Aitkin and want to ride together, let me know!

How did you celebrate the first snow?


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