September 2012 Recap

I can’t believe its only been one month since the August Recap, it feels like its been much longer!! There have been a few times that I’ve wanted to blog, unfortunately the internet at my parents house is not high-speed, and at the end of the work day I don’t really want to stay in the office…but today I made an exception!


#1 (Run a half marathon) Done!!! I completed the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon with a time of 2:33:47! You can read my recap here. (and I have signed up for a half in April of 2013!)

#2 (Learn 12 new recipes) I made the best Cinnamon Toast Crunch muffins and will share the recipe soon!

#3 (Put my college pictures into photo albums) The pictures I printed last month I put into the album, time to do another printing round with Walgreens!

#4 (Create a race scrapbook) I have a wonderful scrapbook friend who I need to get together with so I finally make some more progress!

#5 (Make 12 time or money donations to various charities and/or nonprofits.) There’s a separate post to come…but I donated my hair!!!

#6 (Learn to blog!) I attended the Minnesota Bloggers Conference in September which was amazing, but so far the biggest benefit was getting more followers on twitter and really increasing my use in that platform.

#7 (Finish the New Rules of Lifting For Women program.) I have one week left of the Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 program! And then am planning on doing a 5k program to get back into running shape!

#8 (Remember to be Thankful.) I am so ridiculously happy with the changes I’ve made in my life in the last month!

#9 (Get a better handle on finances.) Uff-da. Hello car payments, and having my own insurance.

#10 (Get least 10 minutes of fitness each day.) I have been doing much better lately!

#11 (Do 5 minutes of clean up each day.) Now that everything I own is in storage or stuffed in my room…I really to readjust how I clean. My room is a disaster because I cannot figure out how to store everything!

#12 (Take the time to breathe.) My new schedule is much less stressful, and I love it!

Overall I’m very pleased with how the New Years Resolutions are going, theres 3 months left and as long as I plan accordingly I have a good chance of getting everything done!


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