Try This! (and this, and this)

I hope everyone is enjoying their week! I had the best of intentions of blogging yesterday, but instead took a 4 mile walk with my brother, and enjoyed the fall colors.

Anyways, I have been home for 3 full weeks, and thought I should share a few of my favorite things.

#1. The view of the sunrise from my bedroom.

View from my bedroomIt is very hard to get out of bed, when I could just be watching that.

#2. Breakfast! In my old job I never had time to eat a proper breakfast in the morning.

Coffee, Bagel, BlogsI usually have a cup of coffee and half a bagel.                                                                  Once I’m at work I eat a yogurt. I also read blogs in the morning!

#3 New Makeup!

Sephora Full Action and Make-Up ForeverThe “full action” tube is Sephora Mascara, and while I have been using that style for a year I finally bought a new tube. “Make up for ever” was suggested by a lovely Sephora employee who directed me to it once I asked for an eyeliner that wouldn’t melt off my face in the afternoon. And I must say this stuff will not come off (in a good way!)

#4 The Charity Miles App!

Download this now!! You pick a charity to donate to, and choose your activity (walk, run, or bike) Like I said at the beginning of my post, I took my brother for a 4 mile wheelchair walk and we ended up raising 11 minutes of Autism research!

What are you loving right now?




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