Ripped in 30: Week 2 Recap

Happy Monday! Last week was Week 2 of Ripped in 30 and even though my final workout was on Friday, I’m finally getting around to posting my thoughts.

I am so pumped with myself that I’ve kept on the program (and I’ve also been eating relatively well (other than this weekend)).

Week 2 was much different than week 1! The formula stayed the same, 3 sets of workouts with 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute of abs. Jillian called the workout more difficult but I found it enjoyable! Even the first set of the workout even seemed kind of easy. Its was as if all the hard work from week 1 paid off and now I can do week 2 no problem.

And then the second set started and Jillian’s true colors started to show. She has something called crow pushups…..they are terrifying! You’re supposed to do a pushup but while you’re down by the ground you bring one knee up to your elbow….Yeah, not happening. The “easy” version is to be on your knees doing a pushup but still do the one knee to the elbow. And my arms are getting better, but they cannot handle that move. Its torture.

This week I had to force myself into the workouts a little more than I had to during Week 1. I kept reminding myself “You’ll feel better after the workout is done,” and “sweat like a pig look like a fox” (which is borrow from pinterest of course!) I got moderately better at the workouts as the week continued but my final workout of the week was on Friday at 6 am, and that was a mistake. I was so tired that I did more yawning than sweating. Those of you who regularly workout before your day beings please tell me your secrets!!

Yesterday (sunday) I started week 3, and the pace seems to have really picked up! Hopefully that will be the boost I need to get me more engaged in the workout and not have to force myself into it.

And again, if you workout in the morning, please give me a tip to make it easier!!!



  1. Is Ripped in 30 the same thing as 30 day shred?? I have 30 day shred, but keep hearing about ripped in 30!

    As for working out in the morning, I wish there was some magic way to make it easier! I always do my workouts in the morning, and the best thing for me is to just keep doing them, because after a few weeks my body adjusted to getting up and getting moving early in the morning and I wasn’t so miserable! 🙂 Also, I try to go to bed and get up at the same time every morning (within an hour) every morning, even on the weekends.

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