Ready or Not!

Goooooood Morning! Anyone else ready for the weekend? If so congratulations! I’m definitely excited for the weekend, and I tried to be ready for it, but technology and I are fighting.

Let me explain, this weekend is the Minnesota Bloggers Conference (#mnblogcon). And I would love to go with my stuff together and make some IRL (in real life) bloggers friends! However my macbook is not agreeing to do the final download it needs, and even the “checking for new software” process takes 20 minutes that I don’t have.

Either way, if you’re reading this and are at the conference tomorrow I would love to meet you! I’ll be the one pounding coffee pretty similar to how I am right now!


Oh, and for those of you who already know me, there’s my new haircut! I have a lot to blogging to do, but until my computer decides to grow up and update, there will be have to be phone posts!

Take care friends and enjoy the first weekend of fall!

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