How Do You Do That? (Running or Anything!)

This weekend I was at a bridal shower and had a conversation with one of my running buddies about where we are currently at for fitness, and where we want to go. This particular friend is very good at going to the gym regularly and mixing it up so she doesn’t hit a plateau. Me, not so much. Although as I did share in my last post I am working on Ripped in 30 (and week 2 is hard!).

Another friend overheard us talking about plans for a half marathon in April and debating signing up for Grandma’s Marathon 2013. Ultimately she wanted to know why we are crazy.

And I get it. The thought of running 13  (or more!) miles right now is overwhelming. Thanks but no thanks. However the feeling of accomplishment on race day was so special that I want to do it again! (I just need to get my body in a better place first).

So if you’re wondering how the heck anyone does a half marathon, or a 5k, or even how they manage to go outside for 20 minuets. I recommend trying it. Just start small, don’t beat yourself up about how fast you go or how far you go. Just go. 

And whats even crazier, is that the advice about starting small and staying positive can really be applied to anything you’re thinking about doing. I’m not the most computer savy person, but I’ve got this little blog going, and slowly but surely I learn more. And with running and with blogging you can have a do-over! Some runs are better than others, so blog posts are easier to write, but you have to experience the tough ones to enjoy the easy ones.

Now Go! And see what you can do.

Do you agree with me? (Its okay if you don’t)

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