Adjusting to Aitkin

I’ve been home for 10 days. I haven’t unpacked 10 things. My room is one precarious pile. But I’m not letting it get to me. I could lock myself in for a few days and come away with a neat and clean room. But I’m finding it more important to find new levels of normal.

I start my day by stumbling to the coffee maker. I used to take a cup in my thermos for the commute to work. Now I drink it as I’m getting ready.

I used to drive my vehicle at least an hour one way. Now I ride my bike in 20 minutes, or 5 songs on pandora (however you want to count it). ((This will only continue while the weather is nice)).

I used to buy lunch every day. (If I never see the inside of a Subway again I would be very happy). Now I eat whatever food I brought from home. Usually I have a fruit or two for snacks, and then a sandwich. I will probably start with soup when the weather gets colder.

I used to get home from work when most people are sitting down to dinner. Now I am done at a more reasonable afternoon hour and have plenty of time to workout in the afternoon. As I stated in my August review I need a September workout program and ended up purchasing the Jillian Michaels’ Ripped In 30 dvd. So far I am really enjoying it!

While I have been making many positive changes it amazes me how much I haven’t done. I have yet to meet up with any of my friends, or even go through my mail. I seem to have very quickly established a routine that I enjoy, but unfortunately I am not getting everything done I maybe should. While I have plans for the next few weekends, I look forward to getting stuff done around the house so I can work on getting a social life!

In the meantime, if anyone can find a good example of a well organized closet send it my way! I’m really not liking the cardboard bankers boxes I’m currently using, but can’t seem to find anything in a similar size that is as useful but prettier!


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