Labor Day (and my work changes)

Happy Labor Day! (do people say that? I have no idea…) According to wikipedia

Labor Day is an American federal holiday observed on the first Monday in September (September 3 in 2012) that celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers.

And now I’m finally going to update you on my economic and social contributions!

I’ve alluded more than once that things would be changing. As of Friday, August 31 it is official, I’m going into the family business!

A little history first…

I graduated from college in June of 2010. I moved home and was a secretary for a wholesale lumber company while their secretary was on maternity leave. I spent every day of that summer applying for jobs all over the state of Minnesota (when I wasn’t reading the Harry Potter books that is). I didn’t get any interviews, and was a little nervous when the maternity leave was ending. However I was able to transfer to another office for the same lumber company as a secretary in the Metro area. I continued the job search and loved being in the cities where my high school and college friends all lived. I could go to Twins Games on week nights (and they were good that year)!

However I wasn’t really using my degree, and when I finally got a chance to go through an interview process with a Fortune 500 Company that deals with a major category within the Convenience store industry which is where all my work experience is….I thought I had found the best job possible (for me).

On November 28, 2010 I started working as a Territory Manager for a Fortune 500 Company. I was so excited to get into the world all by myself and prove that I was smart all on my own. I lived alone in a town where I knew a few people, but rarely saw them. I learned everything I could and did the best I could. At first I thought I would be promoted within a year, maybe less if I played my cards right, (I was naive). Once I got a handle on how the process works for that company I knew I’d be around a little longer.

I ended up running into a friend from home and we started dating. It was wonderful to feel less alone in a town that I was never a big fan of prior to moving there. I started finding out that I liked Duluth, and I especially liked how close it was to “home” aka Aitkin.

Time continued to pass (go figure) and I fell into a funk, I was busy enough that I didn’t realize I was in a funk until months later and I was basically at the bottom. I tried pulling myself out, but the truth was I wasn’t in a place that I was comfortable. Even on the best day, I wasn’t happy and something needed to change.

After a few conversations with various close friends, I realized it was time for a major change. I was planning on waiting until the New Year, but opportunities were available that had to be taken or else they’d be gone.

My parents have an employee who is retiring in October, and I have interned under her before. So I am happy to say that I’ll be moving home, and learning how to do the “book work” for a small business!

There will still be challenges, finding the balance of work/family/friends(highschool/college/significantother). But I am looking forward to the new challenge. I gave almost a months notice of wanting to leave and did the best I could in the time I had. I learned so much in that position, about working for people, working with people, managing expectations, and trying to negotiate. Now I need to learn how to see the signs of a funk before I’m too deep in it. It hasn’t been an easy summer, but I’m excited for this change to be shake up to put me back on the paths I want to be on.

Do you have any changes that you’d like to share with September arriving?



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