August 2012 Recap

Howdy Folks! Here’s my recap for August. While my posts weren’t as numerous as I’d like…I promise September will allow for a more steady schedule. I’m playing around with a 3 posts a week style, but I haven’t decided what days those should be! 

#1 (Run a half marathon) Done!!! I completed the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon with a time of 2:33:47! You can read my recap here.

#2 (Learn 12 new recipes) I have no idea what I cooked this month…..I was trying very hard not to buy more groceries.

#3 (Put my college pictures into photo albums) I printed a ton of pictures when Walgreens had a sale, now I need to get them in the album!

#4 (Create a race scrapbook) Ha…I’ll be organizing my scrapbook stuff next week, which will help me be more effective.

#5 (Make 12 time or money donations to various charities and/or nonprofits.) I made four trips to various donations places with clothes and houseware items I’m not using anymore.

#6 (Learn to blog!) I played around with trying to get widgets installed, but I need some help! I’ve got a plan for September to get help at the Minnesota Blogger Conference!

#7 (Finish the New Rules of Lifting For Women program.) I’m looking to start a “back to school workout plan” despite not going back to school!

#8 (Remember to be Thankful.) I have been doing my best to say Thank You to the people in my life as I’ve needed a lot of help in the past month.

#9 (Get a better handle on finances.) With all the changes in my life I’m going to need to re-evaluate how I spend my dollars.

#10 (Get least 10 minutes of fitness each day.) Cleaning counts as exercise right?

#11 (Do 5 minutes of clean up each day.) Ha….its been more like 2 hours every day!

#12 (Take the time to breathe.) While I have been very busy making changes, I have found moments to relax. You can see most of those moments on instagram! @katie_lf

I am so excited for September! I’m making a fresh start and ready to create a “new normal”. And I’ll be sharing the details after this weekend!

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