This morning has been more about what I’ve attempted to do than what I’ve actually accomplished.

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Life is good #valleyfair

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If I actually knew anything about blogging I would understand how plugins work, how to download them and how to share with you a picture that I instagramed (instagrammed?) yesterday while at Valley Fair with my aunt and cousins.

Unfortunately I’m a rookie, so feel free to click over to the picture. It was taken while my cousins enjoyed a second round of the wave pool, my aunt was napping, and I was just taking in a blissful moment knowing it was a Monday and thankful that I currently work at a company that is generous enough to offer a lot of vacation days.

This morning I also attempted to make a breakfast that I’ve been dreaming about for over a year. Caitlin’s Cornbread Quiche. Unfortunately I don’t own a cast iron skillet and the eggs I had on hand were questionable looking once I started cracking them.

So I’m off to enjoy the last 90 minutes of my vacation before I go back to work for the week. I could be frustrated that I haven’t accomplished anything, but instead I’m going to be happy that I’m attempting to learn and try new things.

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