I made it, I ate it: Ranch Oyster Crackers

I’ll be honest, I started tonight by searching through my cupboards for bread crumbs to make Eggplant Parmesan. While searching I found oyster crackers which I bought months ago planning on making this Mama Pea Reci”pea” for Ranch Oyster Crackers. It was so simple and I totally recommend this! Here’s a little photo version of the recipe.

You need these spices, olive oil, and oyster crackers! Combine the spices from Mama Pea’s directions in a large bowl, then olive oil, stir, add in oyster crackers, stir, bake for 10 min on a baking sheet at 250, stir, bake another 10 min, done!

If you can’t do this….you probably can’t boil water. I ate the few that fell onto the oven while attempting to transfer to my airtight container. And then I hid the container. Aka, put it in a cupboard that is difficult for me to reach. However, there is a certain cracker that I just might be dreaming about tonight…

Look at all that seasoning!! Yum! I did consider doubling the seasoning to ensure more crackers with that level of seasoning. However I assumed I would need to add more oil to make the seasoning stick, and I wasn’t keen on adding more oil. So copy the recipe exactly and you should be good to go!



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