I made it, I ate it: Portobello Pizza

Recently I’ve been thinking about how I “should” be half way done with my goals, and how far along I actually am. While I did take a break to enjoy life during the 4th of July weekend, I did question what it is I am actually eating for dinner if I haven’t managed to accomplish my 12 new recipes. Therefore Sunday night included a trip to the grocery store.

I picked up portobello mushroom caps, an eggplant, and 2 yellow squash. I had my heart set on grilling some zucchini to have on the side of burgers that the boyfriend was cooking up for Sunday night’s dinner, but the grocery store was out!

Welcome to Monday night where plenty needs to get done, but I have no clue what order to get it all done in. The smart thing to do would be to do all the work related stuff so that it is done as soon as possible. But by the time I come home I’m tired and a little hungry and not ready to do more work. So tonight I took a little break to make dinner first, and to use some of the produce I purchased yesterday. Introducing…Portobello Pizza!

To start I spooned out the insides of the mushroom and removed the stem. And turned the oven to 425 to start pre-heating.

I added some olive oil underneath the mushrooms so they wouldn’t stick to the pan. And crushed a clove of garlic on to each cap.


I also spooned on some tomato sauce that I had in the fridge. I loved the Classico brand and always buy in bulk when they are on sale at the grocery store. I don’t have a favorite flavor, although I do choose the all vegetable ones.

I then topped with the Havarti Dill cheese that I had on hand. It was a little soft for shredding but was so delicious! I put the pan in the oven to bake and started prepping the sink to wash the dishes that seem to be overtaking my kitchen (clearly this is a one pan dinner which I love!)

By the time I had all the dishes soaking, the meal was ready to be enjoyed!! The smaller cap had to be eaten with a fork, however the larger one with the more pronounced edges was able to be lifted and eaten like a regular piece of pizza!

The one change I will make next time is to sauté the spinach with a little extra virgin olive oil and the garlic. The garlic was a little too intense on its own and if you took the wrong bite of spinach to took almost all the cheese with it!

Now I’m off to get those dishes done!



  1. That looks delicious. I’ve been grilling zucchini while the folks have been away on vacation, and I’ve been thinking of you as I cook for myself. I’ve been buying fish products that they sell in the freezer near the deli at HyVee and then I just look up a recipe to go with that protein, along with whatever I might have in the house. I made some hoisin glazed scallops with the zucchini and it was excellent!

    1. Hmm. I would say “maybe”. I wasn’t always a fan of mushrooms, and I used to say it was the consistency that I didn’t like. The bigger mushroom cap was more “meaty” and therefore didn’t have the slime factor that I usually associate with mushrooms.

      Either way, this pizza on a veggie idea could also be used on sliced eggplant!

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