“Summer” 2012 Goals

Happy 5th of July! I hope you are either surviving the work day or enjoying your time off! I’m busy with a dentist appointment and enjoying time in my hometown, but here are my plans for the rest of the summer!

After being stunned that June was over, and while blog browsing and finding Iowa Girl Eats’ Summer Bucket List. I decided it was probably best if I set a few goals for the summer so I make sure to maximize my time! Here’s my list and the “rules” are below.

#1 State Fair/Outdoor Concert (Admittedly, I’ve already bought tickets so its a gimme)

#2 Go Fishing! (Preferably in the dark so I can sing this song! )

#3 Re-start workouts! (Its been nice to rest, but its time to get back into it!)

#4 Go to a Minnesota Twins Game (and eat the new food I’ve heard about…)

#5 Do a few lake swims with the intention of “training” for a triathlon.

#6 Make a frozen dessert (I make a mean green smoothie, but I want something a little more decadent.)

#7 Go to a movie in the park! I heard of this last summer and never went…hopefully this summer it can happen! Specifically July 20, I would love to see The Sandlot again!

#8 Go on a road trip! (This could include but is not limited to: Leinie Lodge, Stillwater, MN, or Ashfield, WI)

#9 Go to the Zoo! (Either Minnesota Zoo or the Lake Superior Zoo (If it is able to open)).

#10 Have a Kebab party with tons of variations of grilled deliciousness. (I might need friends to visit and help me eat it!)

These goals do not have to be completed by Labor Day, but rather before it snows (and the snow sticks on the ground). Weather in Minnesota can be a fickle thing, and the fall season is actually my favorite however it is sometimes under utilized. Also, with 1/3 of Summer already gone, I wanted the 10 goals to be achievable!

What do you hope to do this summer?


  1. I’ll go to Leine’s Lodge with you!! That’s where both of my parents are from and it’s such a fun town!

  2. Love these summer goals! I think it’s a cool idea to make a list like this. Sometimes summer ends so fast and I feel like I didn’t take advantage of it 🙂 by doing this you’re making sure you get out there and do fun things.

    Can’t wait to see how your swims go.

  3. I have a great healthy frozen dessert. It is a cup of coconut milk, a frozen cut up banna, and vanilla. You blend them together and it tastes identical to a DQ blizzard! It is fabulous!

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