Daily Miles or a New Workout?

This was part of an email I received from dailymile.com today.

Your friends miss your training 😦

Your last workout was 8 days ago

I’ll be honest, the Runner’s World Run Streak has not been going so well for me. And while the “8 days ago isn’t totally true, I have gone on some walks….I haven’t had a true sweaty workout since my half marathon over a week ago. I just really haven’t had the ambition to follow a video or a magazine’s description of a workout.

Tonight I changed all that by typing “zumba duluth” into a search engine and finding a class for 40 minutes later. It was just enough time to change into workout clothes, get down there and fill out any paperwork (if any was necessary).  Not only that, but I saw they offer a 7:30 class which I can more than likely make most nights even with my work schedule.

I found the studio easily enough, although I hate that you have to pay for parking in downtown duluth until 9 pm. I walked down the stairs from the Superior Street entrance and found no reception area, and the 5:30 class winding down. After they started clearing out I realized there was another entrance and the desk was on the other side of the workout floor.

I love when studios give you a free class to start out with. This particular studio also offers a 6, 12, or 20 class punch card for $20, $40, or $60. However they expire after 2 months, so it will more than likely be cheaper for me to pay by the class of $7. Unless I suddenly become obsessed.

The best thing about this particular studio is that on Saturday’s they have a free class on the beach! You can find more information here.

I didn’t bring my camera, but you can follow the above link to see just what studio I was at.

Have you tried Zumba before? What kind of workout activities did you participate in post-race?


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