What’s Next?

Now that my first half marathon is over, and I can (for the most part) walk normally. Which means I can now start thinking about my next race! My goal for the Garry Bjorklund Half was never officially blogged, but it was a three fold blog. #1 To Finish (accomplished) #2 To Get Under 2:30:00 (not quite) and #3 To Gain Experience (accomplished).And 2 out of 3 ain’t bad! I was happy with my finish, and while I haven’t checked my garmin splits yet, I’m pretty sure the wait for the portapottie took me at least 3 minutes.

Even before the half started I had basically decided that I wasn’t ready for a marathon. I’d rather work on my time in the half setting before doubling my distance. Which means I need to find another half before winter sets in! I have a lot of dates and options which are pretty much all in the Twin Cities area. Thankfully I have family and friends there so I could probably find free housing for a night! Just in case anyone would like to join me in a race, I have attached the registration sites in the date.

August: seems a little early, but is do-able. August 4 (which I could also rollerblade!) August 11 and August 26.

September: September 1 or September 22 (a trail race) The September 1st race seems cool (at least the swag accompanied with the registration costs seems cool).

October: October 13 (Ashland Wisconsin, so I would need a hotel) or October 27 (in costume!)

I received some great advice from a friend who ran the Garry Bjorklund Half last year and then went on to do the Twin Cities Marathon. She said it could be done, however you can get run down. I would really like to have Grandma’s be my first marathon, and want my body to be in the best shape possible. So I will be waiting to get a full accomplished.

For most of the races above there is an incentive to decide by June 30 so I can receive the best price possible. However I’m waiting until I hear from friends if they would like to complete a race with me, or else to get a strong feeling that one race over another is better for me.

What race sounds most appealing to you?


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