Travel Review

While I have learned a lot about work this week, that can be boring for anyone other than my coworkers. Here’s something that everyone should have some interest in.

#1: Given a long table, and nothing to do, games always ensue!

#2: Starbucks is not one of my regular stops, but thats all that was available for a good iced latte. But I was pumped to finally try a Kind bar (which was delicious and expensive and now I need to find a way to make it at home!)

#3: The best thing about following blogs across the country? You know when you find a pizza place you HAVE to try! Last night was a working dinner which featured pizza from Mellow Mushroom! (and the Karma pizza was delicious!)

Overall: I must say that I was nervous going into this work trip, and I am nervous for the race tomorrow. However, I do feel that the week helped me get reenergized for the summer.

Here we go! Follow me tomorrow during the race!

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