Half Marathon, Game On!

This time next week is the big race day! And while I wait for my breakfast to digest a little before going on my last long run, I thought I would share my game plan in hopes that any seasoned half marathoners can offer suggestions.

4:00 AM, up! Get Dressed. Wearing all my favorite running clothes: shorts, tank top, sports bra, socks, sneakers, hat, garmin, ipod shuffle. My phone will be in a plastic baggie in my bra, (classy, I know). Make cup of coffee and a bagel.

4:30 AM, leave for Mall. They have a shuttle service that starts at 4:45 and ends at 5:15, and if I learned anything from my Oklahoma racing experience, it is to arrive early because you never know when the bus will be too full!

Race Starts: 6:45 AM

You can follow me during race day via text or email here! This is a free service offered through Verizon Wireless and will be most helpful if you’re wondering who I, or another runner is doing! I will have my cell phone on me, but it will be powered off from the start of the race until an emergency, or until I finish.

9:30-ish AM. Hopefully I will have safely finished!

Then its back to my apartment to shower, possibly nap, and travel down to Aitkin for my little brother’s 21st birthday party!



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