Glorious Saturday

Today was a great day! I’ll admit that things didn’t go perfectly. I took off on a 6 mile loop that I hoped would be a strong final long run prior to next Saturday. Unfortunately at mile 4 I had a sharp knee pain and didn’t want to mess around, so I walked the last 2 miles. Truthfully the first few miles I had some strange aches and pains in my feet and knees so I really wasn’t running as fast I would like to.

However, I did try Gu for the first time and had zero stomach issues. Therefore, I will be bringing some along for the race. My main concern is that I’ll be eating breakfast at 4:30/5:00 and I won’t be racing until 6:45, I usually don’t wait that long and don’t want my energy to be gone.

In the afternoon I took a little detour to the beach and laid out. It was lovely to get some sun and feel the sand. While I lived in Duluth all last summer, I never made it out to Park Point, so hopefully I’ll make up for lost time this summer!

I also took a small detour to check out what I think will be the start of the race! It was great to see the track and now I understand why some people may not want to do the full Grandma’s all the action really is in the last few miles of the race, and prior to that its a lot of lake and solitude on the road.

Finally, the boyfriend and I cooked up dinner for his parents. I was so wrapped up I wasn’t able to take pictures. But the menu included: cheese and meat for an appetizer. Garlic, Bloody Mary, Barbeque, and Old World style beef sticks. While the cheese was a chipotle cranberry white cheddar, smoked gouda, and a dill haverti.

We made our own caesar dressing based off this recipe, and inspired by the many dinners out we had while in Mexico this spring. For protein, we had chicken for the women and steak for the men. (personal preferences, no gender roles here!) And on the side I prepared my sweet potato fries. (In case you can’t tell, it was a lot of food!)

Because I have to get up at 4 am, I didn’t want to consume any alcohol. Therefore, I made a raspberry mint lemonade. Recipe to follow, but for now, here’s a nice summation of my day.

Finished delicious peanut butter Gu, and my own homemade raspberry mint lemonade.

Until next time!



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