Let’s Go Back

Did you remember as a child wishing you were older? I can clearly remember dreaming of the day when I’d have a job and could go shopping with my paychecks on the weekends. And to some extent that does get to happen. However the past few days I have really wished I could go back to being in high school. Simply so that I can enjoy the benefits of being near a swim-able lake (Lake Superior does not count).

When I got done with work on Monday it was 85 degrees! That is not running weather. However, I did want to continue the Runner’s World Mile a Day Streak. So, I decided to do my personal computer stuff (blog reading, email responding, etc) from 5-7, and then get my mile in. I chose to go without my Garmin so that I could get some solid relaxation.

However, while walking through a neighborhood of the town I was staying in, I realized that I may never live in my hometown again. And if my parents ever move I will no longer have the opportunity to go for a run and jump in the lake to cool down afterwards.

And yet I wasn’t really a runner when I lived at home. Why on earth didn’t I utilize the perks I had then?! If only I had known then, what I know now. I won’t have much quality time at home until the 4th of July, but you can bet that I’ll be spending a lot of time enjoying this view!!

What do you miss from your hometown and/or high school days?

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