Looking Back: Grand Old Day on the Go 5k and Other 2011 Races

On this day last year..

I ran the Grand Old Day on the Go 5k with these 4 lovely ladies (plus one lady’s un-pictured husband)! It was a great morning, although I learned the hard way not to start out too fast, and to run your own pace. A few of them were much speedier than I was, and I burned out  quickly trying to keep up with them.

Below is a listing of the races I completed in 2011 (this particular race I did not get my chip properly activated, so I have no official time) and there is another race that I ended up not participating in due to weather and fear of injury. Someday I hope that I will have written a blog post on each race. However, since I started racing before I started blogging, the 2011 races may not get their own posts.

Goal: Run 5 – 5ks:

Run for the Lakes 5k: April 29, 2011 in Nisswa, MN

175 7/27 213 Katie Cummings Hermantown MN 22 F 29:22:00 9:27
Also competing with me…

339 10/15 212 Jane Cummings Aitkin MN 53 F 41:20:00 13:19
Aitkin Fit City 5k: May 21, 2011 in Aitkin, MN
DNF (did not start, it was raining and I wasn’t willing to risk an injury).
Grand Old Day on the Go 5k: June 5, 2011 in Saint Paul, MN
Chip failed to activate, no official time.
William A. Irvin 5k: June 17, 2011 Duluth, MN
Place: 686, Division: 92/319, Time: 30:48, Avg: 9:55
Midnight Sun Midnight Run 5k: June 24, 2011 in Duluth, MN
I was allowed to register a few hours before the event after a runner dropped out, no official time.
Park Point 5 Miler: July 15, 2011 in Duluth, MN
Place: 450, Division: 113/120, Time: 1:01:26, Avg: 12:18
Run for the Dump: 6.55 August 6, 2011 in Aitkin, MN
Place: 81, Division: 14, Time: 1:18:34, Avg: 12:00
Trail Fest 5k Park Point Beach: August 25, 2011 in Duluth, MN
Place: 58, Time: 33:48, Avg: 10:55
GOAL MET! That was 5k #5 folks!
Trail Fest 5k Chester Bowl: August 25, 2011 in Duluth, MN
Place: 53, Time: 40:21, Avg: 13:01
That’s right! I got a bonus 5k!
And race season 2011 came to a close….I had hoped to compete in a Turkey Trot, but was unable to find one where I was celebrating Thanksgiving.
And since I have all this information in a neat bundle, it should make the race scrapbook easier to complete! I did pull out what I have accomplished so far, and realized I need more clear sleeves for the book. But I did make a little progress!
Now I need to make a decision on the marathon or not debate…. I went on a long run this morning with two friends, and we happened to stop at the Duluth Running Company after we were done, and I happened to buy some different Gu, Shot Blocks, and sports beans….clearly I’m going to need a reason to use them! (Does this sway your vote?)


    1. The last two 5ks were completed in the same day and were both trail runs! Especially on the Chester Bowl course you had to be paying attention to where the ribbons were so you stayed on course and didn’t get lost!

      1. OK, cool. Ya, trail runs are a bit more difficult for sure.

        So the way I see it, there are two ways to progress. Distance or speed. If you like your speed, work on distance. A marathon is quite a distance and is very time consuming to train for, so factor that in. Also, strongly consider getting back on some NROL. A marathon isn’t the key to perfect fitness. Gotta fit that strength training in too. It is as important or more important than aerobic exercise. I learned this the hard way.

        I’m not sure how if that helps your ‘check engine or full speed ahead’ question. Just my personal opinions, of course.

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