Accomplished and Working Towards…

Today I survived getting up at 4 am, and making a big presentation for work. Uff Da! I am glad its over, now the next month is going to be crazy busy, but at least that task is off the to-do list.

To celebrate this evening I went for a run and allowed myself to decide the mileage as I went. I decided that as long as I got 3 miles in it would be successful, however I had to run as much as possible. I was very nervous that after a full week without running that I would have lost endurance. At 2 miles in I found myself at a large hill that is a part of the half marathon course. I decided that since the hill is after the half way point it would be a good idea to get some work in on the hill. I ended up going up and down three times without stopping! And after that continued on what I believe is the half marathon course, but is a route that I have not ran yet. I took the road until the starting point of the 5k my mother and I participated in this spring.

After my run I stopped at Target and found this gem

A wonderful 1 piece swimsuit for 50% off!! I’m considering attempting a triathlon next summer (yes I make some plans well over a year in advance). However, the lack of a one piece is a great reason not to swim, or to make excuses. So I figured as long as it was on sale, I may as well pick it up!

Do you make plans well in advance? Or do you hear about events and sign up as they come?

And for the record: I ended my run at 5 miles, and am on Day 2 of #RWRunStreak!

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