I’m Going Streaking!

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Hold on now, I’m not Will Ferrell.

Let’s rewind a little….

Last week I read that one of my favorite bloggers was able to participate in a 5k…a naked 5k. I’ll admit that she made it sound kind of…cool? I don’t think I’d fly to Florida specifically to participate in the event, or if I would share it on my blog if I did…but if I ever mention that I am going to Florida and don’t mention what I did…well, maybe you’ll put those together.

“Streaking” must be the new word. Because on another blog I found information on a little competition Runners World is doing. Basically, starting Memorial Day and through 4th of July they are encouraging people to run one mile a day for 38 days. And I think this is a great idea, and will be participating! I posted the info on Facebook (please click this link as its the page’s link not my personal facebook!) As well as Twitter.

The one mile a day will be clothed (at least for me) and hopefully I can get a picture of each mile. Eventually I might even have a new phone that is capable of Instagram…but until then. Will you join me in one mile a day?

Or if you aren’t a runner, will you give me a recommendation on your favorite smart phone? I’m in the middle of an iphone versus android argument.

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