How I Got Here

Since I have started blogging I’ve had a few conversations with friends who asked how I decided to start a blog, so I thought I should elaborate on my decision as I only elluded to it in this post. (Which for the record shows what I rookie I was (and still am) when it comes to blogging).

In January of 2010 I found a few blogs written by inspiring women which you can find on the “Looking to Others” page. After months of following their stories, I started considering writing a blog, but was uncertain of a theme or what I would even write about. I initially shared my thoughts with two close friends who encouraged me to try it, even though they were also unaware of how to blog.

Driving home after work one day I thought of “Katie Running Forward” which would easily tie the blog to the 2011 New Years Resolution I had of running 5 -5ks especially since I was planning on having my 2012 New Years Resolution include a half marathon. I shared this thought with one of those close friends, and after some constructive criticism, I decided on “Katie Looking Forward”. I was happy to find that it was available on Gmail, as well as WordPress. And one day I finally just started!

My first post wasn’t particularly amazing, but its mine. And I am proud to say that while I may not blog on a specific schedule. I am blogging on a fairly regular basis. And while there are many things I would like to add to the blog, and things I just don’t know how to do, someday I may have to purchase Blogging for Dummies. But until then, thank you for bearing with me, commenting, and sharing. I truly appreciate it!


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