Booking It: Hotel Style

I had quite the long layover between my two flights today. One of the things I always do during a long layover is walk as mich as possible. I did find a new restaurant called “Custom Burger” in the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, but ultimately didn’t go there. (I got an okay sandwich at TGIFriday’s but had been hoping for their potstickers (stupid menu change!)) Anyways.

I also used the time to do a check-in with a friend. During the check-in we discussed a wedding we are both attending and she mentioned her relief that she got the last hotel room.

Have I mentioned that I’m stressed right now? I may have had a minor heart attack after she said that. (I totally hadn’t book my room yet, but it had sat dutifully on the to-do list for a few weeks). Once our catch up wrapped up I immediately looked up what hotel to book at.

Thankfully it was a Hilton and literally two days ago signed up on the Hilton Rewards program. I knew may 2 documented stays weren’t going to persuade a booking agent to find me another room, but I figured it was worth a shot. I called and stressed that I didn’t care what room I got I just needed a room! I managed to book one for the group rate with no problems!!

I have no idea if my friend was lied to when she booked, or if Hilton holds rooms for their Rewards program customers, but if you’re invited to the same wedding as I am…..I suggest you book your room asap! (And as a reminder to me, time to get that dress altered also!)

Sometimes things have a way of working out, and other times you just get darn lucky. Either way. It never hurts to be ahead of the game!

P.S. TGIFridays bring back the potstickers!!!

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