Retreat to Renew

This weekend the goal was to retreat to renew. I have been so overwhelmed lately, and will continue to be overly busy through the fourth of July that I really needed to take a step back and relax. And I did.

I got to my parents house late Friday night. Saturday morning after a cup of coffee and half a bagel I was ready to take on some new distance, 9 miles!

After last weekend’s projected 8 miler run that turned into basically a 6 mile walk. I knew I needed to change things up. The half a bagel was good energy, and the coffee always helps. However I was concerned about fluid intake especially as last week’s Powerade was too cumbersome to carry. Since long runs are all about finding what works for you, I decided to try and carry a CocoVita water. Which I have previously blogged about buying. And I must say, I am a fan! The container easily fit in my hand when full, did not annoy me as the water sloshed around after drinking, and provided some fuel to get me through the run!

Since I didn’t bring my personal computer to my parents house, I am not sure if I had negative splits, however my goal was to finish in 2 hours and I made it in 1 hour and 48 minutes!

Once I recovered I was able to get an additional few miles with my mom and brother both Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening.

Saturday night was for toasting the college graduate and for reconnecting with old friends. The benefits of being from a small town are numerous, but I loved being able to go to one place and run into friends of various ages and catch up with them.

Sunday was spent with family cleaning up my Grandparents barn so my cousin can get married there this summer! (Pictures to follow soon). There was some hard work followed by some good eating and I’m looking forward to more times spent with the family.

To wrap up the evening we finally rented “We Bought a Zoo” and it was pretty good! A little cheesy, but worth the 2 hours. Now its time for rest before the week gets going.

I hope you all had a good weekend! And may you be ready to take on the challenges of the week!


  1. Girl, I’ve been running for under 20 minutes at the gym lately (and by lately, I mean TWICE in the past week). HOLY SHIT, that is hard!! I haven’t run, really really run, since freshman year of Gustavus! You are AMAZING to be running as much as you do! GIRL POWER! SPICE UP YOUR LIFE!

    1. Thank you!! And way to go on getting to the gym! Its hard to get into a routine. I was pretty low key this winter so it was tough starting out, but so far I’ve been building momentum.

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