I made it, I ate it: Oats in a Jar

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. (Please keep reading, I promise no more cliches). As a working woman I have very little time in the morning, and while a gourmet omelet sounds delicious, there no way I can make one each morning.

This spring I started buying Chobani in the single serving containers with the fruit on the bottom. I would throw them in a tupperware with whatever berries were on sale, and top with some granola. They were delicious, but I wanted to try the Oats in a Jar (also known as OIAJ) that I had been reading about on Kath Eats. I tried her Basic KERF Recipe. But I couldn’t finish it. I used plain Chobani and the flavor was just too  sour!

I wasn’t going to give up though. With the help of Google I came across this recipe. And adopted it from there. After a few tweaks, I’ve got a recipe that will allow anyone to eat greek yogurt!

Step 1: Prepare the night before you would like to eat.

I put a dollop of peanut butter at the bottom of the jar (I prefer my last bite of breakfast to be the best bite). I rotate the type of peanut butter, or nut butter, just use what you like!

Also, this jar is an empty pasta jar, but most days I use a tupperware.

Step 2:

I then measure out 1/3 cup of rolled oats. (or if I’m feeling hungry 1/2 cup, but then I need a larger jar!)

Step 3:

Add 1/3 cup each of plain greek yogurt and skim milk (I haven’t tried soy or almond milk yet, but my assumption is it would be just as good).

Step 4: 

Add some flavor!! I always shake some cinnamon in. The other jar picture is real maple syrup. I am a spoiled minnesota girl and have no idea where the jar came from, but I know it was pulled from a tree in 2011 because thats the only label on the jar. (I usually do one tablespoon, although two would be good for someone starting out)

When the maple syrup jar is stuck, I do a swirl of honey.

Step 5:

Add any fruit that you desire. I started with apples, and have now switched to bananas; blueberries were on sale tonight at the grocery store, so later in the week I’ll switch to those. Use what you like!

Step 6:

Shake the jar to mix and allow to sit overnight.

Step 7: Open the fridge in the morning and enjoy!

The key to the recipe is try, try again. I would caution against using too much peanut butter or sweetener as that will add sugar and calories.

Have you ever tried OIAJ? Do you like it? Love it? Or hate it?



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