Up with the Sun! Run?

Happy weekend! Even with only three work days, I’m happy that today is not one. Last night I finally watched the movie “The Sitter” and I’m happy I redboxed it. I laughed, but it wouldn’t have been worth the movie theater.

This morning I woke up at 7 and drove down to do a long run. I was hoping to do 8 miles in an hour and 30 minutes. But would have been happy with anything less the 1 hour 45 minutes it took me on Tuesday.

I realized as I was driving down that I hadn’t eaten anything. I figured since I raced the past two weekends without fuel I would be fine. I parked and quickly took a photo of the sun hiding behind the clouds.

I took off and for the first mile I felt pretty good. I stopped to stretch when my foot felt like it was cramping up, and took my first walk break at a mile and a half. The run quickly went downhill. At almost the three mile mark I stopped at a grocery store and bought a Powerade. I tried to jog, but I hated having to hold onto the bottle and jog. I tried to reason with myself, but there was nothing to motivate me. I was tired. I decided not to beat myself up and just enjoy the walk.

I did 6.2 miles in 1 hour and 30 minutes. 2 miles shy of my goal, but it was 9:00 am and my workout for the day was done!

There is one small problem…I have really been looking forward to the expo before the half in June. And I found out last week that I will be out of town Sunday-Friday, so now I will be unable to attend the expo…and GET MY BIB! I’m hoping I can either have it mailed to me, or have someone pick it up for me. But I am very nervous.

Do you have any advice for me?

Updated 5.7.2012: Pictures added. And, I found out that for a $25 fee they will ship my bib to me!

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